The skunkit philosophy

I. Definition

skunkit is a service that allows you to send text messages and pictures via the Internet while protecting your privacy at the same time.

II. Data privacy

Creating and protecting privacy on the Internet

skunkit uses current ciphers to protect messages from being evaluated, processed or sold. All messages are encrypted end-to-end. The authorized recipient is the only person who can read the messages or look at the pictures. This method enables skunkit to protect its users from mass surveillance.

We consider it a matter of principle to not trade data

We do not collect personal or device data which is why we can guarantee that skunkit does not trade data.
It is very important to us that users retain control over their own data. Data is deleted from our server the moment it has been delivered. You can irrevocably delete the message history on your own devices.

Privacy is not synonymous with anonymity

skunkit does not provide anonymization services and is not intended for exchange of top secret information. We use current cryptographic processes in order to counteract comprehensive surveillance and are thus taking a stand for privacy of correspondence on the Internet.

The Internet is not outside the law and we at skunkit do not want to change that. Users are responsible for the content of their messages.

III. Mechanics

An innovative concept

At skunkit we use our pioneering device oriented communication which allows the user to register without sharing personal information. When registering, the device authenticates itself via a long and randomly generated key. At skunkit you do not need an E-mail address or a password. Users do not need to remember passwords and we do not need to collect any kind of personal information in order to identify the user.

If a user's device is lost, so is the skunkit account. As we are not able to connect the affected party with a user name we have no means of recovering, resetting or deleting an account. You can prevent a loss of your account by using skunkit on more than one device.

Each user name is unique. Device oriented communication prevents other users from sending messages from your account.

Managing contacts

All users are in total control of who knows their user name and whom they want to add as a contact. Contact requests are sent via distinct user names.

We do not access a user's contact list to automatically add contacts. We cannot match users to their names as we do not collect personal data.

Using multiple devices

Users can use and manage skunkit from max. three different devices. If you want to add a device to your account you have to identify yourself using your registered device. Once you have added a second device, you can send and receive messages from both devices.

IV. Perspective

Maintain our values

Our goal is to establish skunkit as the communication tool of the future. Your support is of paramount importance to an improved and enhanced skunkit.

New platforms

We want to enable users to access their accounts from various different devices and platforms. skunkit is currently being developed for Android, Windows, Linux and Mac. Please support us and help skunkit grow.

V. Financing

Clear principles

Even though skunkit is free of charge does not mean it is free of cost. Our users, who want to support us in making the Internet a more ethical place, help us pay for our services. Donations and sponsors are our only source of revenue as we do not display advertisements or trade data.


At the moment, we are developing skunkit in our free time. We would like to change that! Do you like the idea of skunkit? Support us so that skunkit can grow and we can develop our software more easily.

VI. Founders

Defending values

We are two young ambitious brothers with ideological moral concepts that we are committed to defending.


Because we reject the widespread thirst for data and the unacceptable treatment of personal information by certain companies and secret services. This is the reason we founded skunkit.

We defend moral values on the Internet!

Do you have any more questions?

You can contact us.