The ethical messenger service


… does not know who you are

All you need for registration is a user name. Personal data is not collected. This enables us to prevent data trading and abuse. skunkit protects and values your privacy.

… does not read your messages

All messages are encrypted end-to-end so that only the recipient can read them. This method allows us to protect your messages from being evaluated, processed or sold. skunkit prevents mass surveillance.

Kostenlos und Werbefrei

… is free and does not display advertising

Communication should be free for everyone. That is why we finance our service through donations and sponsors. We will not confront you with advertising which allows us to preserve the skunkit values. skunkit makes unrestricted communication possible.

… is device oriented

We invented device oriented communication so that you can use your account on different devices. You can use skunkit on max. three different devices at the same time.

Geräteorientierte Kommunikation

… is colorful

A picture is worth a thousand words. That is why skunkit allows you to send pictures as well. Naturally, pictures are also encrypted end-to-end. skunkit makes your world more colorful.

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